No obligation Electrical inspection

At Woodhouse Electrical we are committed to safety within electrical installations, We feel that no one should be put at risk from poor electrical wiring, that's why we offer our no obligation visual inspection service free of charge.

On a prearranged date and time convenient for you one of our electricians can call at your property and have a general look at the wiring, we can then advise you in writing of any electrical alterations that should be addressed within the installation to bring its electrical safety up to modern standards, this letter will also give you a free no obligation quotation for any works required.

The inspection will only last a few minutes and will be a visual only inspection, no certificates can be issued after the inspection just a letter explaining any defects identified, the quality of wiring within walls and under floors would not be inspected. If you require test certificates to be issued for the wiring please contact us on 021 385 935 for a quotation for a periodic inspection on your installation.

To book your free no obligation inspection please contact us on any of the numbers listed or send us an email and just mention that you wish to have your free electrical check carried out, we will then endeavour to give you an inspection date that is within seven days.

Inspections explained

Everybody knows that appliances wear out over a long period of time, but most people just assume that the wiring within their home is in a safe condition, why would they think otherwise, everything is working just like it always has done. The answer may be yes it is working, but this does not mean it is safe. Over time we have invented more and more appliances and older installations were simply not designed to cope with the new demand, in your average house wired in the 1960's just one single socket and one light was fitted in each room, compare that to today when on average we fit around 3 double sockets, ceiling and possibly wall lighting in each room.

The type of wire used in older installations was insulated by rubber, paper or cotton; this insulation will have over a period of time degraded and possibly in some cases become detached from the conductor causing a serious fire/electrocution risk.

The purpose of an inspection is to check all of the wiring within your home is safe and identify any things that could cause a possible problem in the future.

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