Terms and conditions

We provide our services subject to the terms and conditions shown below:


We are fully insured by public liability insurance up to $5,000,000.


Each client will be provided with one estimate free of charge and without obligation, even if this estimate requires a visit to ascertain the scope of the project. Estimates are valid for a period of 30 days from the date of the estimate, during which time the client must make a decision on whether to proceed. After 30 days we reserve the right to modify the estimate as may be appropriate, this is due to the constant material price changes. Clients who seek estimates and then do not take up the offer may be subject to paying for time spent providing further estimates requested in the future. We reserve the right not to provide an estimate, or to advise the client that the requested work is outside of our capability.

Ordered Materials

When you accept a quotation and you confirm that you wish us to order the materials for the job it is understood that these goods become non-returnable even if the job is cancelled. Woodhouse Electrical reserve the right to invoice a 25% charge on works cancelled within seven days of the work start date unless they are rearranged to a new date.

Specialist tools/plant

Where specialist tools/plant are required these may be hired, the charges involved in the hiring of such tools/plant will be charged on the invoice. Specialist tools and plant required will be discussed with the client while the job is being estimated.

Health and Safety

We shall provide our own tools, equipment and safety facilities. We shall ensure that the client and where applicable the clients staff are not placed in any undue danger due to work that we are undertaking, however the client is required to provide their own safety equipment as is appropriate. Where large electrical work is undertaken the mains feed may be physically interrupted during the course of the work, regardless of whether this might impact the client's business operations. The client is required to provide a safe working environment and must take reasonable precautions in relation to not putting us in danger whilst working on their site. In the event that we deem that continuing work is likely to place us in danger we reserve the right to terminate effort with immediate effect and arrange to complete works when the danger is removed.

Labour charges

Labour charges relating to time spent fall into two categories - call-out and hourly (or daily if that is appropriate). The call-out charge applies only to 24hr callouts and is a one-time fee to cover getting on-site for repairs in which response is required within 3 hours, this charge is payable when you have authorized us to come to carry out a callout repair even if you contact us to cancel the callout shortly after arranging it. The hourly (or daily) fee is applied to each hour (or day) or part thereof spent on-site. Preparation and cleanup time must be included in the calculation of time spent on a project.


For one-off projects delivered in a short contiguous time period payment will be due on completion. If the project is delivered in a long contiguous time period that lasts more than 10 days we may request payment at regular stages during the works. We do not offer credit facilities so please do not ask for time to pay any outstanding amount. We rigorously pursue anyone who does not pay on time, after the job completion you will be issued with an invoice, from the date on the invoice you have 14 days to make payment for the invoice amount, if payment has not been received within 30 days a reminder invoice shall be issued at a charge of 10% of the invoice amount (the charge is to cover postage and labour costs involved in late payment situations), this reminder invoice (including the late payment charge) will require paying in full within 7 days, if payment still has not been received after the 7 day reminder invoice period then a further charge of 10% shall be added to the total due before we instruct our debt recovery service to recover the monies owed. All materials used remain the property of Woodhouse Electrical until paid for in full. For projects which might require effort to be spread over a period of time with a break in between we reserve the right to request payment for each time period delivered.

Payment Options

Electronic payment details on the bottom of all invoices. Cheques made payable to Woodhouse Electrical please. We will accept cash payment if you prefer, but this will always be receipted - all payments made in relation to Woodhouse Electrical will be processed through our business, we do not offer any discounts for cash payments.


Our work man ship is guaranteed for a period of one year from the date of completion.

Our guarantee assumes that when a claim need be made the installation may be inspected prior to correction to allow the full extent of any problem to be ascertained. In the event that the workmanship fails within the guarantee period at our own discretion we will either put right the workmanship at our own cost, or provide a 100% refund to enable the customer to pay another tradesman to have that work put right (this refund may not be sufficient to cover the full cost of employing another tradesman). This guarantee does not extend to materials. In these situations the manufacturers guarantee takes precedence. Any materials provided by you are provided at your own risk and are not guaranteed by us. Please note that if materials provided by you fail then we would normally expect to charge any time required to effect a replacement. This guarantee is immediately obsolete in the event that someone else not acting on our explicit instruction interferes with/adds on to any work covered by this guarantee. The original paper work must be produced when requested, along with the original test results provided for the installation, photocopies of the paperwork and/or test results will not be accepted. Copies of all paper work issued are held with us. This guarantee does not cover consumable parts e.g. Light bulbs, starters, fuses etc.


The client will appreciate that sometimes unplanned events will take place which interrupt previously made plans. Whilst we will always use our best efforts to reduce or eliminate the effect of any unplanned event we cannot be held liable in the event that we are forced to change plans due to unforeseen circumstances. Usually such a situation would only require a visit to be rescheduled, however that depends on the particular circumstance in every instance. Although we always endeavour to give warning before we switch any power off Woodhouse Electrical do not accept responsibility for any data loss or loss of time caused by switching off the electrical supply unless it has been agreed that certain circuits will not be interrupted unless it is absolutely necessary.